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School Meals

We use Harrison's catering company for our school meals. A team of staff  do a fantastic job adapting the menu to meet the individual needs of the pupils. Many pupils have individual diets such as gluten free or they need may need their food pureed. All meals are made with at least 90% fresh ingredients. 

Ealing School Meal Payment Instructions

You can now pay for school meals online using either a debit or credit card. Payments can be made at any time to suit you! 
Web payments are possible for any school which uses Harrison Catering Services
First you must register on our secure pages and give your children’s details. We will then contact you by email to let you know your account is active, at which point you are free to buy meals.
The system is secure and you will be able to see how much credit you have for each child and a list of previous transactions.

To get started go to the following link  and follow the instructions