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School Improvement and self evaluation


A culture of innovative practice based on sound research ensures that Mandeville influences and shapes the future of education for pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties.

Click on the PDF below to see our School Self Evaluation and what we want to do to continue school improvement and achieve our vision.

‚ÄčWhat do others say about us?

Teikyo University Team

Thank you very much for taking your busy time off to show us around today.

It was a great eye opener in many ways for the team and they have learnt so much from you and your staff.  The team was also very envious that your staff were working in a such happy working environment.

Although you may not see it straight away, what you have taught us today will improve SEN practices in Japan.  The team was so excited about the visit today and passionately discussing how things that you have shown us could be applied in the frontline inside the bus on our return journey.

On behalf of Prof Uoyama and the team, thank you and your wonderful staff in showing us around today and giving us a vital inspiration for the research.

Best regards,