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Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

Paediatric Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy team at Mandeville School

Caroline Ryde

Team lead Paediatric physiotherapist, in Tuesday and Wednesday's

Classes involved with; Angelfish, Dolphin, Rainbow fish, Seahorse and Autism Classes

Stacey Nolan

Senior Paediatric physiotherapist, in Tuesday and Thursday's

Classes involved with; Nursery. Starfish, Turtle and Goldfish

Max Banger

Physiotherapy assistant, in Monday, Tuesday and Friday (mornings only)


  • Evidence based with reference to NICE guidelines. Based on ICF - promoting participation and activity, reviewing and monitoring joint ranges, muscle length and strength and function
  • Neurodevelopmental approach using mixture of hands on techniques and approaches gained through many years of experience
  • Postural management plays a key role and physiotherapists work with school staff and parents to provide advice and good positioning across a 24- hour period
  • Multi disciplinary working with other therapists, medical and school staff