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Mandeville Community Conversation

Mandeville School

Community Conversations

We believe we are stronger together and can achieve more together, and we believe that the Mandeville School Community can be something truly special! We believe that that begins with us (school) listening to parents, carers family members and pupils and building from there.

WHY?          To give everyone the chance to take part in a conversation about our school.    

WHO?          All parents, carers, grandparents, and other community members.

WHERE?      In our school.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? The chance to both listen to others and to have your say on what it is that we all want for our school; to get better and better, for the benefit of ALL our young people.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON THE DAY? There will be opportunity on the day to take part in the Mandeville School Vision & Values Conversations. This will either be in a larger group in which we will work in mixed groups (parents/staff/pupils) to consider a number of questions, followed by a wider discussion. Alternatively we will have individual or small group conversations with parent.

Please take a look below at the report from our conversation on 20th June.