Mandeville School

    Learning from home

    Please look at the subheadings to find a range of songs, stories and activities


    Our themes this term are

    EYFS & KS1 Travel and Movement

    KS2 Travel and Safety 


    Please look at the relevant resources/ links below

    Driving in my car- Kids songs

    Mr Tumble -Signing transport

     A range of signing clips and Bucket time stories

    A corn flour and water experiement




    Why not try

    1. Our weekly challenges

    2. 'What to do with.....' different resources

    See attachments below






    1. Let's Count Vehicles, 1-5
    2. Race to the finish
    3. Finish the journeys
    4. Sounds and pictures of in the community
    5. A challenge a day week 1
    7. A challenge a day - week 2
    8. Parallel play pmld
    9. Making Sensory Shakers PMLD parents
    10. What I can do with an egg carton 1
    11. What I can do with an egg carton 2
    12. What I can do with plastic bottles
    13. What I can do with scarves
    14. Pirate treasure discovery bottles