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Aims and Ethos

School Ethos

At Mandeville School every child matters and each pupil is valued as an individual. Our school community is culturally diverse and this diversity is valued for the richness it brings.

Mandeville School believes that in a safe, secure and nurturing environment every pupil can enjoy learning and achieve. With support pupils achieve their potential, develop an intrinsic desire to learn and make a positive contribution to school and home life.  

Mandeville School believes that working in partnership with parents, carers and other professionals who are significant in the pupils’ development and well-being helps the pupils achieve their potential.

School Aims

  • to help every pupil enjoy learning and to achieve their potential
  • to provide personalised learning for pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties and autism which is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum and other relevant curricula
  • to help pupils develop communication and social and emotional skills so they can enter into meaningful and fulfilling relationships with others
  • to help pupils develop a sense of self worth and self esteem
  • to help pupils learn by providing a range of teaching approaches which respond to how each pupil learns best
  • to provide a curriculum which includes developmental, sensory and therapeutic approaches
  • to provide extended school opportunities which enrich  pupils’ lives and extend their learning

Qualities and Values

On a recent training day staff affirmed the qualities and values they bring to educating children, please click on the PDF below for more information.