Mandeville School

    The Mandeville School Curriculum

    Mandeville Communication and Sensory Cognitive Curriculum

    Highly skilled staff at Mandeville have developed a Communication and Sensory Cognitive Curriculum to support childrens' progress in their learning.

    Every child has an individualised curriculum where a baseline is established. Individual Curriculum documents for each pupil are used to inform teaching and learning both in and outside the classroom.

    The Curriculum is developmental and shows progression through the P levels. Learning steps are small, allowing every child to show progress in their learning.

    An assessment tool has been developed to demonstrate percentage progress within the P levels. We clearly demonstrate progress for every child from their starting point. 

    Below are some sample pages from the curriculum. If you have any further questions or would like to see the curriculum in more detail then please contact Beverly, Rachel or Dee on reception and they will put you in touch with the person who can best answer you questions. 



    1. Sensory Cognitive
    2. Overview Mandeville Curriculum
    3. Communication
    4. Core Curriculum
    5. The Importance of Communication