Mandeville School


        Mandeville School curriculum is topic based which supports a cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. As the majority of pupils work below level 1 of the National Curriculum, we use early developmental curriculums, such as Equals and The Profound Education curriculum.  Learning opportunities are presented in ways which are relevant and functional for each individual pupil.  Communication and independence is promoted throughout the school day.


    The curriculum for Nursery and Reception aged pupils is based around the areas of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which promotes learning through play. 

    At Mandeville School each pupil has personalised learning programmes.  All programmes and targets are broken down into small achievable steps.  Pupils’ success is rewarded using a range of reinforcement.  Communication and independence is a high priority across all areas of the curriculum.


    Teaching Approaches

    We use a range of teaching approaches tailored to suit the needs of individual pupils.  These include:

    • Multi sensory approaches
    • Intensive Interaction
    • ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis)
    • TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children)
    • Play based

    Therapeutic and Specialist Provision

    A major strength of Mandeville School also lies in the range of therapeutic and specialist provision which has become an integral part of all teaching and learning.  We follow a collaborative model where teachers, specialists and therapists plan and work together. Therapy aims are integrated into the daily class routines and optimise teaching time.  Therapeutic approaches used include:


    • Speech & Language therapy (use of PECS, Makaton, body signing, switches, voice activated communication aids, eye gaze, and other alternative communication aids)
    • Occupational therapy (sensory integration; gross and fine motor skills; self help skills; independence skills including use of specialist equipment)
    • Physiotherapy (individual programmes, specialist equipment to promote mobility, hydrotherapy pool
    • Music Therapy (provided by Ealing Music Therapy Services)
    • Rebound Therapy
    • Special Yoga
    • Team Teach
    • Child psychotherapy
    • Hearing and visual impairment specialists
    • Art specialist
    • Music specialist



    The modern and purpose built resources enable the curriculum to be delivered in exciting and fun ways for all pupils. The specialist teaching rooms are timetabled for class groups and individual pupils.



    Please also see the SEN Information Report for more information about provision and how it enhances the curriculum.